Opinion: Ohio’s Well To Do – Time to Get Off The Bench – Seriously, Stop Being a Bunch of Wimps and Invest

You fell for the click-bait in the title…excellent. I have your attention for the next five seconds. I’m going to throw out a number: $700 million. Still have your attention? Good. $700 million is my estimate of the cash Ohio-based startups are looking to find, but can’t find because there are not enough investors and not enough capital sloshing around in the system. So what? Here’s the so what: those are startups that would be creating jobs, inventing new stuff, taking new products to market and…wait for it…returning s#&t loads of cash to investors….

Why startups are going to change the world – Infographic

The younger the companies are, the more jobs they create, regardless of their size. That’s the conclusion of a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research. In this study, which relies on data from the Census Bureau, the authors confirm that smaller companies created more jobs than larger companies during 1992-2005.

Modis just released a new infographic showing why startups are “going to change the world.”  Its infographic provides the following details about the dynamic effect of startups globally:

What is a startup?
How startups are recruiting candidates.
6 startup case studies.
The economic impact of startups.
How startups are changing the workplace….