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The SunDown Youngstown Chapter is independently operated by local volunteers who have donated their time to help connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need to be able to take the next step.  The audience at our events is made up of members of the local entrepreneurial community that want to help create, nurture and grow the next generation of great companies.   SunDown welcomes everyone who has an interest in entrepreneurship.


Click on the company’s logo to get more information about their business.

September 20th Event

Kirkwrench – A new wrench design that lets you work in very tight places.  Website.

Brewhound Products – all natural spend grain dog treats crafted for adventure Website

Code Youngstown – Connecting software engineers, developers, and coders in the Youngstown, OH area Website

Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center – The Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center (“TBEIC”) is a federally-funded center aimed at the development and commercialization of early stage energy technologies.  Website.

June 21st Event

Golden Chicken Grocery – A grocery delivery service

Freshmade 3D – digital manufacturing service provider Website

Anderal – creators of custom metal components using electrically assisted manufacturing techniques that utilizes the electroplatic effect to form metals Website

Two Hot Mamas Salsa – Makers of Salas and Dips Website.

Lavish Essentials – Makers of bath and body products Website.

Carmella Marie – Makers of natural hair-care products Website.

March 22nd Event

Glitchbit with Tipsy Raccoons Arcade – A game development company with a new game for barcades Website

YBI helps accelerate emerging businesses by providing an array of critical development resources including facilities, equipment, entrepreneurial counseling and networking opportunities. YBI is committed specifically to information technology and business to business (B2B) software development. Website

Specializing in 3D pinting, rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing in tool and die shops, automotive, aerospace, medical device, academic and manufacturing. Website

A partnership between the Youngstown Business Incubator, the Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center, the Mahoning Valley Economic Development Corporation and Youngstown State University. Valley Growth Ventures LLC is a for-profit investment fund created to support high-growth companies. Website

EBAM – Early state development of an electron beam additive manufacturing (EBAM) technique for advanced materials processing