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The SunDown New Albany Chapter is independently operated by local volunteers who have donated their time to help connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need to be able to take the next step.  The audience at our events is made up of members of the local entrepreneurial community that want to help create, nurture and grow the next generation of great companies.   SunDown welcomes everyone who has an interest in entrepreneurship.


Click on the company’s logo to get more information about their business.

June 23rd Event

Garage Beacon – A home automation device that hooks into any existing garage door opener to give you full control and notification from your internet connected device.

CRTC – Software platform that reduces the cost specifying, contracting and managing the rehabilitation construction of small projects. Website

60 Seconds – An idea of how to create high-impact business presentations and coaching for entrepreneurs

First Rendezvous  – An e-commerce company that is here to make sure your first date is filled with invigorating conversation, irresistible laughter, and genuine fun.  Website

November 12th Event

EntoBio – Developers of “Liquid Termite” which dissolves tree stumps naturally and safely using synthesized insect digestive enzymes. Website

Warrior Wear – An apparel company that is focused on promoting the growth of yoga among men.

September 24th Event

A currently unnamed company that is looking to develop modern / industrial furniture that is accessible to everyone.  Think Ikea meets Restoration Hardware.

Heads-Up Stabilizer develops youth sports safety products to include he ONLY patented and scientifically proven sports equipment product that reinforces the teaching and playing of “HEADS UP” SPORTS to Reduces Helmet to Helmet contact and Concussive Impacts.  Website

Garage Beacon provides garage door access via smartphone and is backwards compatible with all makes and models of garage door openers.  Website

Advanced BioSensors – Creators of new medical sensor technology.

July 30th Event

Weedspotter – a patented device that keeps you from over-spraying your weedkiller of choice onto bushes, flowers, and other plants

High School Survival Guide is a podcast by students for students to help them navigate the hazards of growing up and making it through High School.  Produced locally by Central Ohio area High School students. Website

Paul G Toys – creates IP protected products in Apps, First Age, Gaming, Toys & Gift product segments. From our worldwide hit Force Flyers, to our newest introduction, ShopMap, which promises to revolutionize the way people shop. Website

Global Trade Matrix – Geographic Economic Reports to advise growth potential with interactive mapping and graphics. Website

Retireless – Is a lifestyle startups for the  over 50 set and includes a radio program, merchandise, magazine, and other licensed content.

May 29th Event

T&G’s Coffee and Music Studios – The business combines a full service coffee shop with private lesson studios. Website

Beluga Shave Company – A barber quality shave, minus the barber. Website

Right Ride – A medical transport service.

Porter Medical Systems – a Cloud Based, SaaS venture that develops and implements a Revenue Cycle Management system for hospitals between 50-300 beds in size, across the United States.

March 27th Event

Follow Chatter – Follow Chatter is a new social network built around the idea of giving people a new way to share snippets of their lives through voice and audio clips. Website

February 27th Event

Network Today – Network Today is a centralized resource for business networking and job hunting in your local community. We provide access to information to help you network more effectively. Website

December 11th Event

Proe Power Systems – Developing Innovative New Technologies for Energy Independence and Environmental Responsibility. Website

CRTC – Software platform that reduces the cost specifying, contracting and managing the rehabilitation construction of small projects. Website

November 13th Event

Lift3D – Real time measurements on exercises with body weight barbells and dumbbells

October 9th Event

Imagimation Labs – Creators of EMHA, an intelligent agent for your home automation.

September 11th Event

Imagimation Labs – Creators of EMHA, an intelligent agent for your home automation.

August 14th Event

Roosevelt Coffee House – Great coffee for a social causes that will help make the world a better place.  Website

Defender – The Defender Is What You Get When You Combine A Camera, Automated 9-1-1, And Pepper Spray.  Website

July 10th Event

PCL America – Distributor and soon to be manufacturer of high efficency LED lighting systems. Website

June 12th Event

Brain Based Education – A quick and easy math learning tool for elementary and middle school children.

May 15th Event

Passport Protector – If you are a seasoned international traveler, your passport can get some heavy wear and tear and make it unusable to get you back into your home country. Passport Protector helps solve that problem by giving your passport a second armored skin.

April 10th Event

CityVision – Community Television Project for all 22 communities in Central Ohio with 6 markets already in the works. Website

JuiceBoxx – A Macbook Power Cord Management & Protection Accessory Website

March 13th Event

Bashar & Fadia’s – We’re creating a website where people can raise capital for themselves and in return commit to pay a fixed percentage of their future income to their investors for a fixed period of time. Website

Network4Rentals – On-line Communication Software for the home rental industry that connects landlords with tenants. Website

BadgeHS – A platform that allows student to gain credit for participating in internetships, study abroad and other extra-curricular edcational activities. Website

SoundScape – Makers of headphone conversion kits that turn conventional earbuds into inner ear sets for a fraction of the price.

Baloonr – A new social platform that helps users share content anonymously, rate it up (pump) or rate it down (pop) to see what content take off. Website

Broadway & Thresher – An inclusive digital lifestyle magazine based out of Granville, Ohio that blends the urban landscape with rural traditions.