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The SunDown Columbus Chapter is independently operated by local volunteers who have donated their time to help connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need to be able to take the next step.  The audience at our events is made up of members of the local entrepreneurial community that want to help create, nurture and grow the next generation of great companies.   SunDown welcomes everyone who has an interest in entrepreneurship.

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February 24th Event

The Hive – A new concept for Central Ohio – Coworking with Childcare. Now working professionals can work and be just a few feet away from their kids. Playdates and getting work done in one safe space.Website.

Great Faces Of America – a black history chess game that comes with educational activities that helps describe each pieces on the chess board

January 27th Event

Grypshon LLC designs hardware based products for mechanics to revolutionize workflow and get the job done. The Grypmat is a flexible non-slip tool tray that gives mechanics a safe, close location to set their tools within a close proximity. Website.

Epsom Salt Shower Soaker – early concept of a product that deliveries the benefits of Epsom salt baths, but for the shower.

Heureka Software – an enterprise platform for searching endpoint computers for risky, sensitive or rotten data allowing organizations to reduce their attack surface for cyber threats. Website

SwitchFlip – Home automation with simple plug-and-play device that does not require any installation, smartphone or home network. Website.

Glorious Eats – An early stage restaurant concept for healthy low-carb eating.

1803 Bacon – We make nitrate free heritage breed bacon in over 30 flavors. We meet a need in the market for a locally produced bacon in unique flavors, made with Ohio pork. Restaurants want something more than the mass produced bacon in 2 or 3 flavors, and we are ready to provide them with unique and even custom flavors of bacon. We have been in the market for a little over a year, and have sold over 1500 pounds. Website.

December 16th Event

Solutions Vending International – creators of custom, smart vending solutions. Website.

DinnerUp – Home delivery of home style meals for busy families. Website.

aShorterPath – aShorterPath is a patient-center research & development organization set out to improve the lives of patients and their family & friends. To do so, we’ve developed the first Social Patient Health Record (PHR). Website.

The Friendly App – An early stage concept for helping the LGBTQ community identify friendly establishments and venues.

November 18th Event

Central Ohio Property Exchange – a platform that connects investors, sources deals, delivers market insights, and provides local resources and expertise. Website.

The Shazzbots – creators of a dynamic set of products to the children’s education and entertainment that are fun, engaging, and educational for kids and families: music, TV, VOD content, live events, toys and merchandise Website.

October 28th Event

Wair Technologies – WAIR uses wearable sensors to give companies back production time by identifying and designing solutions to risky movements and wasted motion in labor intensive workplaces. Website.

Little League Dreams – Creators of a training tool to help with passing accuracy for the game of football.

Urban Ultralight – a business fusion strategy to double the number of people who commute and shop by bike in the US from 1 million to 2 million by 2020.  Website

STOCKIATRIST – a social networking experience that increases financial literacy and wealth building strategy among women through user-to-user sharing.

September 30th Event

Katie Salvator – A freelance brand strategy and copy writer helping companies create their brand story. Website

Mr. Football – a new sports training product that helps teach the proper way to hand-off a football.

SwitchFlip – Home automation with simple plug-and-play device that does not require any installation, smartphone or home network. Website.

Studio MFP – A subscription agency that provides a one-stop shop for small businesses. Providing automated, enterprise level, fully featured, management software that is easy to use, customized for their business, and a consultant to help set it up for them Website.

ChartBuilder – We are developing an electronic documentation system that provides for quick and simple documentation of a patients treatment while simultaneously transferring the proper information to personnel who are billing and scheduling for services. Website.

August 26th Event

F13 Works – F13 Works provides manufacturers, drop-shippers and order fulfillers of all types with a connection to millions of online stores.  Website

Alcohol Deliveries – A premium alcohol delivery service that lets you order from your smart phone.  Currently serving Columbus.  WebsiteKiva Loan

Go Big Creative Lab LLC / Texder’s Distracted Driving Crusade – An interactive campaign to help redueced distracted driving.  Website

The Commons Studio – A photo studio with a social enterprise focus that proudly offers paid apprenticeship opportunities to students, recent graduates, and emerging talent who hope to gain professional experience with on the job training.  Facebook

Nutr-O-Station – Smart vending for the heath and fitness markets.

July 29th Event

Urban Ultralight – a business fusion strategy to double the number of people who commute and shop by bike in the US from 1 million to 2 million by 2020.  Website

Solar Screen – a portable backpack sunscreen dispenser that can be used for a new mode of product marketing.

June 24th Event

Garage Beacon – A home automation device that hooks into any existing garage door opener to give you full control and notification from your internet connected device.  Website

Hansya – Automated Platform for Contextual Analysis Website

Solutions in Polycarbonates – We manufacture skylights and window systems that deliver sunlight using advanced polymer glazing. Website

Art of Life and Business – a program that creates a shift in mindset and practices, promoting well-being and resilience. It aligns work and life, providing a path to enjoy both more. Website

CRTC – Software platform that reduces the cost specifying, contracting and managing the rehabilitation construction of small projects. Website

Credit Fair-e: Payday lending alternative company. We provide fair and responsible loan terms to our target market. Website

May 27th Event

Localvest – a crowdfunding platform that will take advantage of Title 3 regulations for equity investment from unaccredited investors

CityBee – CityBee is a mobile-first, location-aware, social messaging app. It offers a fun, new way to chat, discover and share local news and events, and connect with friends, neighbors and community members.  Website

Naturally Smitten – a hair care line specifically for women with a coarse and natural hair texture that is resistant to moisture, which make up for approximately 90% of ethnic women with chemically untreated natural hair. Website

Warrior Wear – a menswear yoga line for both the avid and amateur yoga practitioner Website

April 29th Event

Colaxy – platform for the passionate software developers to bring their creative software work to life and create a portfolio of their work to then share with the world for free or for a fee.  Website

MyStoryDice – a creative brainstorming tool that lets users add custom images or use the existing images to help generate story ideas for creative writing.  Kickstarter

Urban Ultralight – a business fusion strategy to double the number of people who commute and shop by bike in the US from 1 million to 2 million by 2020.  Website

FlyByBBQ – a new fast-casual concept for BBQ.  Winner of the 2016 OSU B-Plan Competition Undergrad Track.   Website

Vampire Optical Coatings – developers of surface coatings that are scratch and corrosive resistant.  Their new product is a multi-layer film for use in transit and the medical industry for windows and face shields.   Website

March 25th Event

Game Arena – a gaming center that will create the ultimate gaming experience possible. With fully loaded computers, next gen gaming consoles and state of the art virtual reality. We create a place for people to hangout with friends and meet others with similar interest.

Help for the Homeless & Beyond – A nonprofit organization dedicated to transitioning families from homelessness or nearing homelessness and into home ownership in five to seven years.  Website

Braelin Consumer Solutions LLC – A product development and sourcing company with a product that will helps students solve the problem of loose leaf textbooks.  Website

Salucity – We’re a digital health start-up seeking to reduce the cost of chronic illnesses like Crohn’s disease, asthma, diabetes, and heart failure by feeding biometric data from clinically validated yet affordable consumer wearables to a clinically-astute robot that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to pick up earliest signs of disease flares and convey them to physicians.


February 26th Event

A Night Out – attacks the age old issue of finding something fun to do with a fresh take. It does so by finding popular areas within a 50 mile range of the user, then allowing the user to add/view data without even having to leave home.

Cubester – At Cubester we are at the forefront of creative office technology, developing new solutions for time management and productivity.  Website


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