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The SunDown Canton Chapter is independently operated by local volunteers who have donated their time to help connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need to be able to take the next step.  The audience at our events is made up of members of the local entrepreneurial community that want to help create, nurture and grow the next generation of great companies.   SunDown welcomes everyone who has an interest in entrepreneurship.


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Past Events

Event Discovery Company – The makers of “Evitt,” the connected website calendar that allows organizations to submit their events to a single place.  Website

Dimensionally Yours – Uses advanced manufacturing automation and software integration to interconnect a worldwide network of local manufacturers to avoid supply channel costs of 70%.  Website

HeArt of the HeArtland – Promoting Canton, OH through post cards while raising awareness of community projects.

Afients – designs and markets The Agile Audio Dashboard™ for Professionals on the Amazon Alexa platform.

Eco Energy – Eco Energy International is producing renewable H2 from multiple feedstocks including municipal solid waste. Website

SharpStart has developed customized software that provides students with an interactive learning simulation

SpareRoof – A complete and easy-to-install solar panel kit for contractors, retailers, or do-it yourselfers. Website

Micro Fantasy – Offers a fun, short, simple fantasy sports experience for spectators of all ages & skill levels. One touch predicts outcomes in real-time  Website

Advanced BioSensors – Creators of new medical sensor technology.  Website

Wheedle – A mobile app that connects consumers looking to go out, with restaurants and bars that want to attract their business.  Use Wheedle to Explore, Discover, and Experience the best things to do in town. Website

Jack Hooks – Quick tie hooks for fishing. Making it easy to set tie hooks in any condition.   Website

Weedspotter – a patented device that keeps you from over-spraying your weedkiller of choice onto bushes, flowers, and other plants

Advanced BioSensors – Creators of new medical sensor technology.

Property Paths – We specialize in short-sale prevention through innovation, not in advocating short-sales. Website

APS – Creators of products featuring our patent-pending IMMERSIVE INFORMED CONSENT™ features and benefits.

InfoGPSnetworks – We focus on Regulated Industry, companies wanted to take advantage of Cloud Hosting Opportunities, and Cyber Liability Risk Management. Website

3D Holographics – Builds 3D systems for medical imaging.

Beegit Pro – An application lets you write and edit in the cloud in a lightweight system that provides universal text formatting for web and print. Website

Buckeyehead – Makers of the buckeye nut themed hat for the extreme OSU fan. Website

3D Agriculture – An urban agriculture greenhouse platform specializing in vertical agriculture and reducing crop production costs

tradeLeaf – Connecting small businesses to the resources they need allowing them to trade on a Cost-Of-Goods basis to create exposure to early adopters. Website

Mesh Integration – Connecting systems and devices with cloud APIs, driven by the customer’s business process workflows at a fraction of the usual cost.  Website.

DeepHire – DeepHire is a free mobile application that matches job seekers with hiring companies, based on culture fit.  Website.

ChartBuilder – We are developing an electronic documentation system that provides for quick and simple documentation of a patients treatment while simultaneously transferring the proper information to personnel who are billing and scheduling for services. Website.

Smolder – Helping men be better husbands with one click. Date reminders, relationship tips, and retail links. Website.

Multiphibious – Unique, patented multi-mode transportation for land, water, and air. Website

Flexible ITO Solutions – FITOS designs, fabricates and installs segmented, smart windows for use in self-service Kiosks and ATMS, with future opportunities in hospitality, medical, retail and transportation.  FITOS was established in July 2014 to commercialize technology from the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University. Website

Energy Price Choice – A platform that allows gas and electric suppliers to bid on the business of homeowners and small businesses resulting in lower overall energy costs to the consumer. Website

Using photography to overcome stress, depression and addictions by helping people open their senses to the Beauty of LIFE too often overlooked! . Website

P&P Medical Soutions – P&P Medical Solutions provides an end-to-end framework for making sure each patient gets the right care, when they need it. Our products and services also put you in the driver’s seat to profitability. Website

Asker – a web application that connects you to your audience at conferences, seminars, and lectures.

WasteBits – The open platform that provides instant collaboration for Generators, Service Providers, and Facilities. Website

iRxReminder – Real-time mobile data capture for clinical trials. Website

3D Holographics – Builds 3D systems for medical imaging.

HerBlueWear Uniforms LLC. – Makers of functionally designed uniforms for women in public safety. Website

Vocal – What Gatorade is to sports, Vocal is to the voice. Website

The Mustard Man – Maker of mustard varieties from a secret family recipe. Website

Eynon Software – Eynon Software provides custom software and has developed “Enterprise Hero,” a software tool that integrates CRM, project management, time tracking, and support ticket systems into a centralized system.  Website

Smoke Staxx Pans – Makers of durable cast aluminum stackable BBQ pans that can double or triple cooking capacity. Website

PocketMarketer – PocketMarketer is the world’s first personal, digital marketing assistant.

Kirkwrench – Whether for plumbing, aerospace, medical equipment, or automotive, the Kirk Wrench™ can adjust and reach the tightest places easier & faster than any other wrench.  Website.

Credit Fair-e: Payday lending alternative company. We provide fair and responsible loan terms to our target market. Website

Valentino de Salva – Makers of Lotus 39, a blend of healing herbal oils, plants, and vitamins which provide one of the most natural formulas available for the restoration of hair. Website.

Solutions in Polycarbonates – We manufacture skylights and window systems that deliver sunlight using advanced polymer glazing. Website

Portion Padl – Innovative and simple to use portion-control pizza cutting boards designed to improve operational efficiencies, increase profits, and enhance customer experience. Website

Designers of ergonomic furniture that makes people feel better, increases calorie expenditure, and improves productivity.  Website

RADOptic – RADoptic is devoted to the field of nuclear radiation measurement. Website

Build Worry Free


RoboNail – Makers of the tools of tomorrow such as a robotic roofer. Website

Referral Bounty

LITO – Is an eye-safe imaging system that allows users to see through smoke, fog, rain, snow and haze. Website

GiveNext – An online and mobile dashboard where donors transact and manage their charitable giving in partnership with the causes they care about. Website

Voolla – A platform service that allows you to turn your volunteered skills into money for charities Website