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Lunch and Launch is SunDown’s signature workshop program that brings in great speakers to share their expertise with entrepreneurs looking to take their idea to the next step.  Many of these workshops are re-run every year.  If you would like to be a speaker, please complete the form below.

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Past Lunch & Launch Workshops

Don’t Do Dumb: What Not to Say in an Investor Pitch or Presentation is a fun workshop which talks about some of the things to not do in a pitch. After all there has never been discovered a right way to get an investor to say yes each time you pitch, but countless business plans, actual pitches, and feedback from investors can tell you what not to do.

Venture Capital – Michael Butler of NCT Ventures joined us in sharing when and how you should approach VC’s for funding and what VC’s typically look for in a venture.

Crowdfunding Done Right – Ryan McManus of ContentVia joined us in sharing insights into running a successful crowdfunding campaign.  This valuable information ranged from a pre-sales strategy before you launch to properly budgeting for you to deliver a product and set your company up for carry-on financing after your crowdfunding campaign is complete.

Web Analytics for your Business – Brad Griffith of BuckeyeInteractive joined us in sharing why it is important to setup an analytics package for your company’s website and the level of effort needed to start tracking your content and make for a better experience for your customers.

Why Protecting Your Intellectual Property Matters – Doug Duff of IceMiller joined us in helping to understand when and if you need a patent to protect your idea.

How VCs Make Company Valuations – Will Indest  of Draper Triangle Ventures joined us to discuss how VCs and other investors arrive at the valuations of early stage companies and what you can do to protect your equity in your own company.

The Art of the Deal – Brian Begg of Bricker and Eckler joined us to compare and contrast the methods in which you can finance your startup company.  Covering everything from private placements to equity financing.

Leaning into Leadership with Krista Sanford covers what you need to do to set goals for your company and achieve them.

Small Business Attorney and Podcast host, Kwame Christian speaks about what you need to know to create great win-win scenarios when you negotiate.

Jeff Young speaks about what you need to know to leverage LinkedIn to find connections for your next customer, employee, or investor in your company.

Brian Thomas speaks about what you need to automate your marketing activities to cultivate leads and close sales.