SunDown Edu

SunDown Edu is the educational arm of SunDown.  We host our Startup Dinner Theater Workshop Series that brings seasoned experts to talk about hot button issues for entrepreneurs and our Business Building classroom sessions that deliver a college level course in a distilled format.  Our goal is to provide meaningful educational opportunities for entrepreneurs to get the information they need to help take their idea to the next step.

Business Courses

The Business Building Course Series are six week courses built around a college-level curriculum.  The 1.5 hour classes meet once per week and cover topics ranging from business formation, marketing, inventory control, and financial planning.


Past Workshop Speakers

Lunch & Launch is SunDown’s Workshop Series that brings experts in to talk about a particular hot-button issue for entrepreneurs.  Previous workshops have ranged from What not to do in an investor presentation or pitch, best practices for crowdfunding, content marketing, branding, and analytics.  Lunch and Launch workshops are generally $15, which includes lunch or $4 for just registration.