SunDown Edu

SunDown Edu is the educational arm of SunDown.  We host our Startup Dinner Theater Workshop Series that brings seasoned experts to talk about hot button issues for entrepreneurs and our Business Building classroom sessions that deliver a college level course in a distilled format.  Our goal is to provide meaningful educational opportunities for entrepreneurs to get the information they need to help take their idea to the next step.

The Business Building Course Series are six week courses built around a college-level curriculum.  The 1.5 hour classes meet once per week and cover topics ranging from business formation, marketing, inventory control, and financial planning.

  • Forming Your Business I – Introduction
    We will talk about what kinds of businesses can you form and why you would choose one type over the other, what goes into creating a business, and paths to becoming a full-time entrepreneur and small business owner.
  • Forming Your Business II – Setting The Stage for Success
    When you set out to form your business, you need to also think about the end.  How will you exit the business?  Do you want to sell it, take it public, pass it on to future generations, or just shut it down when you are done?  Success takes on different forms and this session will help you prepare for it.
  • Product and Service Creation I – Evaluating Your Idea
    Believe it or not Innovation and Creativity is a process.  You actually have to work at it to come up with ideas.  Very rarely does lightning just strike your brain, unless your idea is a lightning rod directly attached to your skull, but I digress.  This session will walk you through some of the strategies and activities you can do to come up with ideas for your next great product or service and evaluate that idea to see if there are actually customers willing to buy.
  • Product and Service Creation II – Your Total Product Offering
    We are going to cover what your total product offering is, how much you should charge for it, and things to consider on branding your product and your company.  Apple is a prime example of a company that has nailed it for the total product, setting the right price, and creating a brand around slick design and technology that just works.  Learn what goes into making all of that happen.
  • Marketing I – Intro to Marketing Planning
    Selling your product or service is hard.  You have to build a marketing plan on how you can get your stuff into the hands of your customers.  How do you do that?  What do you need to do?  This session will walk you through the marketing planning steps so you can answer the right questions
  • Finance I – Introduction to Business Financials
    Accounting is Fun! – Well, not really, but accounting is one of those things that you just need to learn at a very basic level to be able to make sure you company is running well, has cash to pay its bills, and detect any problems or identify areas of opportunity.  This session will walk you through some of the core accounting documents and how to use them in the management of your business.
  • Finance II – Running the Business
    Inventory costs, accounts receivable, accounts payable, expenses, capital costs, and all of that other fun stuff is part of running a business.  Knowing your inflows and outflows of cash is paramount in running a successful business.  This session will help you understand what goes into putting together a system to keep your books up-to-date and make sure your company isn’t hemorrhaging money
  • Raising Capital I – Taking on Investors
    Raising capital for your venture is one of the hardest things you can do.  In this class you will learn about the steps you need to take to be investor ready and the processes and systems in place to keep your investors informed and engaged.


SunDown Dinner Theater is SunDown’s Evening Workshop Series that pairs up and coming culinary artists with experts to talk about a particular hot-button issue for entrepreneurs.  You will dine on a luxurious three course meal, meet the chef and hear their story, network with other guests, and learn from an expert on how to overcome challenges facing your startup or small business.

Startup Dinner Theater workshops are generally $100, which includes a three course meal, two beverages paired with your meal (beer, wine, or cocktail) with additional beverages available for between $3 to $5 during the event.

Guest Chefs and Speakers

Past Lunch & Launch Workshops

Lunch & Launch is SunDown’s Workshop Series that brings experts in to talk about a particular hot-button issue for entrepreneurs.  Previous workshops have ranged from What not to do in an investor presentation or pitch, best practices for crowdfunding, content marketing, branding, and analytics.  Lunch and Launch workshops are generally $15, which includes lunch or $4 for just registration.