SunDown Spaces

SunDown Spaces are business development centers that provide space, talent, and resources to take your idea to the next step.

SunDown Spaces

Memberships starting at only $35 per month

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Why Partner with SunDown Spaces?

We are a not-for-profit that has been helping entrepreneurs make connections with investors, mentors, and talent through our monthly business idea pitch events in Central and Northeastern Ohio. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs take their business to the next step. We have given them a venue to share their ideas and now we are looking for partners with office space to give entrepreneurs a place for them to work to make their ideas happen.

You get your building’s occupancy rate up and a percentage of the revenue generated from the space. Partnering with us can actually generate more revenue for your space than you could command from a full-time tenant paying a monthly rent.

What is our site selection process?

Not all sites are ideal sites for SunDown Spaces. We take special care in doing a demand study before partnering with a property owner for a space. Here are some of the things we look for:

  • Easy access to major highway or state route
  • A densely populated residential area close by with a high percentage of the population that works from home or telecommutes
  • Easy access to parking
  • The physical space would have to support at least one conference room, multiple cubicles, and offices
What Does SunDown Spaces Bring to The Table?

We come in and setup our pop-up office environment. No need to worry about having office furniture, data, phones, reception or access control. We handle it. The only thing we ask of you is to have a fresh coat of paint, clean carpets, power, and water. We have entrepreneurs that are hungry to get working on their projects and need affordable space to get their work done.


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