Partners and Collaborators

SunDown partners with other organizations to provide mutually beneficial relationships to grow access to resources to entrepreneurs who need them the most.

The Commissary Columbus is a makerspace for culinary artists.  They offer classes and workshops specifically for launching a food business, provide commercial kitchen space for prep work, a base for food trucks and food carts, event space, and classes for the general public taught by the resident chefs and makers of The Commissary.

The Columbus Idea Foundry is one of the nation’s largest makerspaces. At the idea foundry you can find blacksmiths, woodworkers, welders, sculptors, video game designers, engineers, and artists using centuries old methods to the latest in 3d printing, computer controlled machinery, and virtual reality to complete personal projects or to grow their own businesses. The Idea Foundry also hosts office space and coworking space for startups wanting to take their idea from the shop floor out to the mass market. The Idea Foundry also offers a number of classes taught by their members for the general public with topics covering starting your own business all the way to forging your very own sword.

The Manufacturing Extension Program at OSU (MEP@OSU) is a program designed to help small to medium size manufactures in Ohio scale and grow their businesses to take advantage of modern technologies and business processes to make their enterprises much more efficient.

Small Business Majority is a national small business advocacy organization, founded and run by small business owners to focus on solving the biggest problems facing small businesses today. We actively engage small business owners across America to drive smart public policy and get entrepreneurs the resources they need to thrive.​

Conquering Columbus is a brand for those across Central Ohio who are determined to find a way to align their skills, values, and talents in order to make a lasting and long impact during their lifetime on the city of Columbus. With a podcast as our medium, we research and interview those across Columbus, and at times abroad, who have achieved success in areas ranging from business and athletics, to medicine and beyond.

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