What is Kiva?

Kiva is a non-profit that provides crowd-funded, 0% interest loans of up to $10,000 for any business purpose such as investing in new equipment, hiring staff, or launching a new product or service.  SunDown is a Kiva Trustee and focuses on all businesses in Ohio with a focus around our Chapter locations of Columbus, New Albany, Mansfield, Canton, Akron, and Youngstown.

How does it work?

As a Kiva trustee, SunDown vouches for you on your loan application and publicly endorses you on the Kiva site.  For SunDown to endorse a loan application, we evaluate your entrepreneurial team, the impact a Kiva loan would have on your business, and the viability of your business model. To get an endorsement from SunDown, please fill out the form.

Once approved, your company goes through a crowd-funding round on the Kiva site, where lenders from around the world can contribute as little as $25 to your loan.  Endorsed companies have over a 90% success rate in being funded.

What does SunDown Get?

There is no monetary reward for SunDown to vouch for companies or for dollars lent.  SunDown does get evaluated on the performance of repayments from endorsed borrows, which impacts our ability to endorse future borrowers.

If you would like SunDown Group to act as a trustee for your Kiva loan application, please complete this form before requesting an endorsement. We will evaluate your startup and inform you of our decision to endorse or to not endorse within 2 to 3 business days.

Download a blank lean startup diagram here.