SunDown Fund

Our Perspective on Startups

The Stats
  • Target Fund Size: $4.5M
  • Avg Venture Investment: $10k to $30k
  • Investment Structure: Debt Convertible Note
  • Goal: Generate 150 new ventures in 24 to 36 months
  • Estimated Venture Success Rate: 30%
  • Estimated Return on Investment: 3x to 5x
  • Carried Interest: 2%
  • Fund Management Fee: 10% to 15%

Informational Only. Not a solicitation of funds or investor prospectus

Tech for Tech’s Sake is Not a Sustainable Investment Strategy – Let’s Try Something Old

We know that the Midwest – Ohio in particular – has strength in product design, distribution, retail, recycling, and manufacturing with a long history and legacy of innovation.

Our lives are better when we make things and create personal services for our fellow humans to use and enjoy. An app to find a trendy ice cream shop is nice, but if the ice cream is actually good, served well, and at a fair value then we have something. Tech is important as an ADD-ON to the product or the service and should not to be taken lightly. However, “high touch” is always a winning proposition over “high tech.” The app is nothing without the ice cream.

In today’s world of Cloud computing and standardized software stacks, building an app is very fast and very cheap – much like simple brochures from the local print shop in the past. The majority of tech are fads or games that fade quickly. Thus, we seek teams who are developing products and services that are delivered with precision, professionalism, and take the long-view of building an enterprise.

Ohio SHOULD be the leader in creating disruption in traditional retail models, creating the next big food franchises that have the best tasting eats, and creating a new breed of makers, tinkerers and innovators that revolutionize commerce and create new value.

If you agree with this thesis and believe too much investment is going into more and more disposable companies – another social network – another dating site – another place to post kitten and baby pics, then we would welcome you to our efforts to bring about the next breed of enterprises that will carry on the rich history and legacy of the Midwest and Ohio to be the disruptive, the next, and the new.

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