SunDown Fund Application

Applications are Currently Closed

The SunDown Fund Application

Purpose of the Fund:

The fund seeks early stage ventures in a variety of industries that are focused in developing innovative and novel solutions to today’s business challenges.

Where traditional funds focus on scalability, intellectual property, uniqueness, efficiencies, and outside investment, we focus on sustainability, commitment to the concept, the business model, job creation, and innovative ways to create internal growth.

Who Can Apply?

Any early stage company that is legally organized and registered with the Ohio Secretary of State, is in good standing, has a Federal EIN, and a business banking account.

What Size Investments Does the Fund Make?

We focus on very early stage companies that need that first round of seed capital to get over a major milestone to position the company to grow on their own or put them in a position to secure a Series A round of funding.  We also leverage our Venture Resources Network to provide talent and mentors to help your business.  We are very actively engaged with day-to-day activities.  Our investments will top out at $30,000 and are generally structured as a debt convertible note.

 What is the Application Process?

We try and make it as painless as possible for you to apply for funding.

  1. Start by Downloading and completing our version of the Business Model Canvas
  2. Complete the online application form and attach your completed Business Model Canvas.  NOTE: APPLICATIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED
  3. Once we receive your application, an analyst will score your application based on a standard rubric
  4. If your application meets our minimum threshold score, it will be passed up to Committee for another round of scoring.  If your application did not meet the minimum score, you will receive feedback from the analyst on what to do to improve your application and be invited to resubmit.
  5. The Committee will score your application once more.  If the application meets the threshold score, you will be invited to pitch to the Committee, begin a formal due diligence process.
  6. If the Committee qualifies your company for investment, a draft term sheet will be drafted and agreed upon.
  7. The Committee will then seek Board approve of the investment and execute the agreement distributions based on the term sheet.