SunDown Fund

 The Stats
  • Target Fund Size: $4.5M
  • Avg Venture Investment: $10k to $30k
  • Investment Structure: Debt Convertible Note
  • Goal: Generate 150 new ventures in 24 to 36 months
  • Estimated Venture Success Rate: 30%
  • Estimated Return on Investment: 3x to 5x
  • Carried Interest: 2%
  • Fund Management Fee: 10% to 15%

Informational Only. Not a solicitation of funds or investor prospectus.


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The Fund’s Philosophy

IInnovation knows no size. Every large business once was small. Some stay small by choice.

Our mission is to support emerging owners to become all that they want to be.

    • Where angels and venture capitalists focus on…
  • …scalability, we focus on sustainability.
  • …intellectual property, we focus on commitment to the concept.
  • …uniqueness, we focus on the business model.
  • …efficiencies, we focus on job creation.
  • …outside investment, we focus on innovative ways to create internal growth.