SunDown is a referral partner of Funding Circle

Funding Circle is the largest and fastest-growing small business loan marketplace in the world, operating in both the United States and United Kingdom. They  are a web-based lender dedicated to fundamentally changing how small businesses access capital. They have lent more than $1B globally since inception.

Here is how it works

  • Loan Size: $25,000 to $500,000
  • Terms: 1,2,3,4 and 5 years
  • Origination Fee: 3.49% with no prepayment penalties
  • Annual Interest Rates: 5.49% to 22.79%, monthly principal and interest rates
  • Time to Close: 10 min application, funding in 7 days

Lending Criteria

  • FICO: > 620
  • Business Revenue (most recent tax return year): > $150,000
  • Business Net Income (at least 1 of last 2 tax return years): > $0
  • Years in Business: > 2 years
  • Bankruptcies (business and/or personal): 7 years ago or longer (ideally no bankruptcy history)
  • Tax Liens (business and/or personal): 4 or fewer tax liens (on personal or business side, not combined) filed in the past 10 years or Tax liens in aggregate sum <$1k filed within the past 3 years that are outstanding where the borrower is not on a payment plan or  Tax liens filed within the past 10 years in aggregate sum <$5k that are outstanding where the borrower is not on a payment plan
  • Criminal Activity: no prior history
  • No Sole Proprietorships or Non-Profits

Required Documents

  • 2 Years Business Tax Returns
  • 1 Year Personal Tax Returns (for all owners w/ >=20% ownership
  • 6 Months Business Bank Statements
  • Business Debt Worksheet
  • Interim Financials (YTD P&L and Balance Sheet) only for >$300k requests
  • Guarantor Form only for additional shareholders and/or guarantors

Verification Documentation

  • Drivers License
  • Completed FC Wire Transfer Form

A word of Caution to Borrowers

This is a loan provider.  Be sure to understand the financial impacts on your business for taking on debt.  Understand the ramifications to your cash flow and that your current cash flows are large enough to cover the debt service on the loan before taking out a loan.  SunDown does not endorse Funding Circle and only makes Funding Circle available for you to review and use as a potential avenue to secure capital to grow your business.  SunDown does not make any decision or underwrites any of the loans through Funding Circle.