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Opinion: Ohio’s Well To Do – Time to Get Off The Bench – Seriously, Stop Being a Bunch of Wimps and Invest

You fell for the click-bait in the title…excellent. I have your attention for the next five seconds. I’m going to throw out a number: $700 million. Still have your attention? Good. $700 million is my estimate of the cash Ohio-based startups are looking to find, but can’t find because there are not enough investors and not enough capital sloshing around in the system. So what? Here’s the so what: those are startups that would be creating jobs, inventing new stuff, taking new products to market and…wait for it…returning s#&t loads of cash to investors….

10 Northeast Ohio 2013 Milestones

1. New entrepreneurial resources emerged. New outlets for entrepreneurs to network and/or get assistance are a positive sign of a flourishing ecosystem. 2013 saw the emergence of myriad local resources—including the accelerator FlashStarts, tech entrepreneur networking events SunDown RunDown and TechPint, and women-focused mentoring group Burning River Coffee Community. The national organization Venture For America—which pairs promising college students...