Help Alegria Technolgies Build a Platform To Reduce Sexual Violence

Our 2017 nominee to the National InnovatHER Competition has started a crowdfunding campaign.  The company’s inaugural product is Keys to Coping – a campus sexual assault reporting tool.  The goal is to raise $20,000 that will be used for exhibiting at conferences, software hosting services and new reporting software capabilities. Cool prizes will be available for the first supporters who give.

The WHY! – Violence Against Women – One in 4 women are sexually assaulted in college. Less than 20% report to the police or seek medical attention. Keys to Coping™ is a secure web application that allows college students to report a sexual or physical assault from the privacy of their own device—or in cooperation with the appropriate staff—can complete an anatomical health report, a police report, request class schedule changes, and access online exercises to cope with the trauma.

More about the Founder/CEO – Dr. Penny R. Smith, Alegria founder and CEO, is a 17 year government and higher education administrator, professor and former board member of non-profit organizations that address violence against women. She is also a published author on the topic and date rape survivor. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine in the College of Medicine at NEOMED.

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