Things to Consider Before Applying for a Small Business Loan in Ohio

If you need a business startup loan or a small loan to grow an operating business, applying for one at the bank is the most common avenue of acquiring it. Make sure your business can secure the capital it needs by taking these measures, guaranteeing that the underwriter won’t discard your application before giving it full consideration.

Credit scores 

Assess the current condition of your personal credit score to get an idea of where you stand in the eyes of financial institutions. If your business is already operational make sure to consider the state of your business credit score as well. By being aware of your credit scores, you eliminate the risk of walking blindly into an obstacle like sub-par credit. Typically, banks will find out your FICO SBSS score and use that to determine if you qualify. The minimum score threshold for approval is usually set at 160. 

Available funds 

Whether you are seeking a loan through a private investor or bank, evidence that you are financially secure will help them confidently determine that their money will not be at risk. If you are currently employed full time, the benefactor of the loan can be sure that you have some means to pay back the loan; but if you are fully invested in your business this security may not exist in their eyes. With a relatively proportionate amount of cash or collateral on hand, a business startup loan will be easier to get approved.

Just as effectively, a business that is already generating revenue but doesn’t have much liquid cash can be granted revenue-based financing. As long as a company can realistically demonstrate its capacity for growth and the numbers all work out, revenue based financing may be an option.

Available institutions 

The institution that you choose to ask to fund your loan is important as well. If your company doesn’t seem to fit in with the standard recipient of funding from that institution, reconsider them as an option. In the Midwest, larger banks are even more likely to decline smaller loans as they are less profitable. With that in mind, find the investor that is most suited to your operation.

Prepare a business plan 

It is vital to have a business plan that accurately defines how any funds received will be spent. An exact timeline for how your business will handle repayment is key to winning loan approval.