An Appeal for Support

The SunDown Community is over 2,000 strong.
Together, we can make anything happen.

The SunDown Community needs your help.  Since starting with just one event in Columbus, OH and watching it grow to six chapters around the State of Ohio over the past three years, really shows the power of the community that entrepreneurs, investors and mentors have built together throughout Ohio.

With almost no operating capital and a group of dedicated volunteers, we have been able to host over 350 entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas and make connections.  Through this movement, we have been able to attract over a dozen experts that have donated over 200 hours of their time to meet with entrepreneurs, conducted over 120 workshops and classes, and through connections have been able to help entrepreneurs find over $1.12 million in funding.

We have a very vibrant and engaged community.  In the past I have taken this fact for granted, but now I see that the energy from this community that we built can be focused.  With your help, we can really move things forward in the Ohio entrepreneurial community and set the course.

In order to take our SunDown community forward, I am asking you for three, very specific things:

  1. Make a charitable donation to The SunDown Foundation of $25 or more. We have asked our 2,000+ strong community to give at the $25 level, which will allow us to raise over $50,000. Additional support from you will help us take our organization to the next level.

  2. Join the SunDown Investment Club on WeFunder. It is free to join and you don’t have to invest in any deal that the club recommends.   We have a goal to get up to 200 members into the club so that we can easily help other Ohio companies get the funding they need to be successful.  And on the plus side, your constituents might be able to put a few bucks back into their pockets too.
  3. Join the SunDown Team on Kiva. Again, totally free and you don’t have to participate in backing every single company. It’s a great way to help out Ohio startup companies. Our goal for our Kiva team is to reach 200 members to really make a large impact in Ohio.

The SunDown Community is making a tremendous impact in Ohio.  With your help we can keep making an impact and help all Ohio entrepreneurs be what they want to be.  Your support of SunDown will show that you care about the economic future of Ohio and support entrepreneurship and small business.

We truly are all stronger together.


Paul Proffitt
SunDown Group