Some Helpful Info for Title III Equity Crowdfunding

Its getting close to the launch of Equity Crowdfunding for non-accredited investors.  The official launch is May 16th and there are still tons of questions out there.

Fortunately, the SEC has put together a helpful Investor Builtin on how this all works for investors.  The info is here.

For startups looking to get into this and solicit for investment.   The SEC, through FINRA, has rules for these funding portals that you would list your campaign through.  It is recommended that if you are going to launch your equity crowdfunding campaign under Title III, you should be on an officially registered funding portal.  The info on funding portals is here.

Also after May 16th, FINRA will provide a searchable list of all of the registered and in good standing equity funding portals.  We’ll provide a link to that list once it becomes available.