SunDown RunDown Hosts Business Building Seminar at Columbus Idea Foundry

SunDown RunDown Founder Paul Proffitt will host a series of six business classes at the Columbus Idea Foundry to help aspiring business owners with the ins and outs of getting started.

A fit for businesses of any industry, “The class is taught to be a practical course – in other words, you can take what you learn and directly apply it to the business,” Proffitt says. “Not a lot of theory, just about getting stuff done. We try to incorporate a lot of what the entrepreneurs are working on in the class and work through some of their specific questions as it relates to the session topic being covered that evening.”

The sessions begin this Monday, February 1 at 6:30 p.m. at the Idea Foundry, 421 W. State St. in Franklinotn. Each subsequent week through March 14 (save February 15) a different topic will be addressed during the hour-and-a-half long classes.

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