SunDown RunDown Pitch Event June 27th Recap

We had another great showing of companies pitching at the end of June at The Varsity Club.  Our first pitch was from Civic Hacks, an organization that helps promote social entrepreneurship by hosting events and developing programs with the goal of creating technology to solve social problems.  They are going to be part of this year’s FMMF and run an experience called Wear Good with the focus on creating wearable technologies.  Their ask was to help spread the word about their activities in the community and to become part of it.

Our second pitch was from InfoGPS, who pitched in Mansfield and was able to close a $175,000 angel round that resulted directly from contacts made at the Mansfield event.  InfoGPS’ main focus is in cyber security and helps identify events happening with your data within your network to prevent it from being taken out or exposed to parties that you don’t want to have viewing your data.  They are currently looking for bridge financing on the order of $300k to $500k to get into the market.

Our final pitch was from Smart Digital, makers of convert surveillance vehicles, camera systems, and modular, self-contained video monitoring.  They mainly serve law enforcement and public safety organizations, but are branching out into the construction and oil and gas industries for  their immediate needs in securing sites.  Their ask is for mentors and contacts to help with government procurement procedures and expertise in sales into the private sector. As with all SunDown RunDown events, we see a wide variety of companies in different industries, with very different asks of the audience.  This really shows that Ohio has no shortage of entrepreneurs with really great businesses that need the community’s help and support in taking the next step.  Please reach out to these companies if you think you can help them take that next step.