September 27th Event Recap

Another great event for September with three pitches and a little over 30 area investors, mentors, and talent to help our entrepreneurs take their idea to the next step.  First up was A KickIn Crowd, a crowd sourcing platform that changes how school fundraisers are done.  No more sending your kids door to door in the neighborhood or taking sign up forms to the office.  A KickIn Crowd takes all of that activity and puts it into a safe and easy to use platform where your child can do fundraising 24/7 for their school.  They are also a tenant at TechColumbus and are getting support through the incubator.  They are always in search of top talent to help improve their product.  Tony found the experience to be very beneficial.  So much so, he actually send this to us.

I want to Thank you for allowing me to pitch A KickIn Investors listened to my pitch, engaged with me, and a couple asked about investment terms! Fantastic! I encourage others to attend and pitch too.

–Tony Reynolds
Founder, A KickIn Crowd

Conjoynts is a high quality wooden toy.  Think a combination of legos and link-in logs.  Noah brought in a number of sets for our audience to play with as he talked about his product.  Everyone enjoyed playing with them and creating their own things.  His ask is that he is an engineer and needs help on the business side of things.  He has his sets in a few independent toy stores in the Dayton, OH area and is looking at a way to scale production and market to a wider audience.  His toys have been used by occupational therapists to help with fine motor skill rehab.

Finally, we had the Upper Arlington Toast Masters give a presentation on how their programs could benefit those in the audience to make them better presenters and communicators.

A big thanks to those that pitched and to those in the audience that offered their feedback and expertise to help out these entrepreneurs.  Our Next event is October 25th at The Varsity Club in Columbus and we have our first event in Akron on November 4th at The Bricco Restaurant